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Becoming Meditative is an online course derived from Sadhguru's wisdom

This course is an independent initiative by Yog Prachar and not offered officially from Isha Foundation

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Course Fees: Rs 799  Rs 399

What you'll learn - Course Benefits

Learn Meditation

A step by step guide to take first step towards meditation and learn to make it a part of your daily schedule. Most importantly, learn the basis to make your entire life meditative.

Keys to live Joyfully

Understand the root cause of all stress, anxiety and suffering and learn to overcome it to live a truly peaceful, joyful and exuberant life.

Respond consciously to people

Take charge of your experience of life and learn to remain unaffected by unpleasant people and situations so that your happiness is in your hands always.

Unleash the power of Mind

Take charge of your intelligence and learn to harness the power of your mind. Get insights and tools to unfold your genius and live life at your full potential.

Surf the Ups & Downs of Life

Understand the fundamentals of life to bring clarity and balance. Build internal strength and maintain your calm to deal with all phases of life.

Live gracefully with Spirituality

Learn the holistic meaning of spirituality and how to practically implement it in your day to day life to live gracefully.

Course duration


The course has 23 video modules now and soon we are planning to add bonus modules as well.

Each module is of around 15 minutes on average.


Once you enroll, you'll get lifetime access to all the video modules so that you can do the course at your own pace and convenient time.

Also you can revise and revisit the course material multiple times to understand more deeply

How to access

 You'll get login details on your registered email ID to access the Becoming Meditative course.

Easily access it from any of your devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop

Course Fees: Rs 799  Rs 399

Who can join this course?

This course doesn't need any prior experience of meditation or spirituality

Anyone who has an open mind and willingness to transform their life can join this course  

Anyone who wants to live a stress-free, joyful and exuberant life

Anyone who wants true contentment and fulfillment

Anyone who is seeking answers to the fundamental and most profound questions of life

Course structure

Becoming Meditative course is structured into 4 main sections and 1 bonus section.

The 1st section is PREPARATION

It will give you important insights and experiments so that you are well-prepared to understand and imbibe the meditation.

The 2nd section is MEDITATION

Here you'll learn simple yet very powerful 12-minute meditation called Isha Kriya designed by Sadhguru for overall well-being.


Here you'll understand the science and benefits behind all the processes of meditation which will keep you inspired to practice meditation daily.

The 4th section is TIPS & CHALLENGES

Here you'll get important insights and tips to enhance your meditation and also learn how to overcome major challenges in your meditation and spiritual journey.

Contribution Amount

  ₹ 799  

₹ 399/-

This is launch offer. Later the amount will increase

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What our participants have to say about this course


We have kept a very minimal fees for this course to benefit as many people as possible but we also have a scholarship option for people who can't even afford this minimal contribution

If you wish to enroll into this course but can't make the full contribution then please send an email to with Subject: 'Scholarship for BM course'

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