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Prepare the foundation for your child's genius to unfold

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For 7 to 16 Year Olds

Empower your child to explore full potential

Enhance your child's focus and balance with simple yet powerful yoga practices designed by Sadhguru

So that your child is prepared to face any challenges in this fast changing world

Empower your child with Pranayam and Meditation and make happiness, joy and emotional stability an integral part of his/her life

So that your kido is prepared to explore life without any fear or inhibition🙂

Make immunity boosting yogic practices a part of your child's daily routine so that whatever your child's  dreams and goals, health is never an obstacle

With powerful immune system, healthy body and mind - your child is all prepared to unfold his/her full potential and excel in whatever he/she wants to pursue in life 🚀

Kids will learn to bond with nature and 5 fundamental elements: water, earth, fire, air and space

This will enable your child to be holistically connected with life and hence enhance internal strength

Wondering how to make your kid fall in love with healthy and nutritious food?

Don't worry! It's on us😉

Children will learn about yummy yogic super foods and their miraculous impact on health and growth

Also we'll make sure that they are implementing this yogic food tips in their daily diet

(Here we'll need a bit of your support, parents🙂)

This Online Yoga Program is packed with many fun filled activities, quizzes and assignments that we bet, your child will thoroughly enjoy 💃🏻

Learning and imbibing all the wonderful yogic practices and insights in this exciting and interesting virtual environment will be super-duper easy!

After 5 days program, your child will be empowered with potent yogic practices which he/she can do regularly on his own

Also all the other tips and insights related to nature, elements and food will boost your child's health and inner well-being and setup the right foundation to rise and shine in life 🤩🌟

"To go through life effortlessly, children need an atmosphere that nurtures inner strength"
- Sadhguru

Course Fees: ₹1500 ₹999


Whatsapp Support 

7 Days support group on WhatsApp with the teacher along with all the children and parents

Submit assignments and share homework on the group

Ask and resolve your doubts

Get inspiration and support to make yogic lifestyle a part of child's daily life

Course details

5 Days of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam & Lifetime of well-being

For 7 to 16 Year Olds


23rd to 27th February 2022


4:00 pm to 5:30 pm


Online class on Zoom.
Link will be shared after registration


Hurry Limited Seats!
Evening - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
5 Fun-Filled Live Sessions
Personalized yoga corrections
9 Yogic practices for lifetime
Bond with nature and 5 elements
Healthy and Yummy Yogic super foods
Whatsapp support group

Meet your Teacher

Adheera Barot

Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

"We need to raise our children to be true contributions to the world. The next generation should be better than us"

- Sadhguru

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